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Clear Neutral

Your Diamonds, Truly Carbon Neutral

Our selection of lab grown diamonds is certified 100% Carbon Neutral by Clear Neutral, an authority in carbon neutral certification. Embrace a brilliant, sustainable tomorrow by choosing our lab grown diamonds today.

Bartlett Master Jewellers & Clear Neutral

Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth.

Bartlett Master Jewellers is proud to be in partnership with Clear Neutral to provide you with 100% carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds.

Our partnership with Clear Neutral, a leading carbon neutral certification company, allows us to offer you stunning, guilt-free diamonds that embody both luxury and responsibility. Clear Neutral specialises in offsetting the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds, ensuring that ours are a sustainable and ethical choice.

Every Clear Neutral lab-grown diamond at Bartlett Master Jewellers is 100% carbon neutral and comes with a Clear Neutral certification.
Dual-certified by IGI/GIA and Clear Neutral, our carbon neutral lab-grown diamonds showcase our commitment to continuous innovation and exceptional client experiences.

Why Carbon Neutral Lab Grown Diamonds Matter

Lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable and less harmful to the environment than natural mined diamonds in all areas except one: Energy consumption.

Lab-grown diamonds require an astonishing amount of electricity to produce. Both CVD and HPHT type production methods can produce over 600kg of carbon dioxide to make one single carat of diamond.

That’s similar to the entire energy consumption of a standard 4-person family for 1 month - to produce a diamond smaller than your pinky fingernail.

With most of that energy coming from coal power, that’s enough carbon dioxide emissions to completely undo all of the positive environmental impact they make.

That’s why we have partnered with Clear Neutral to do something about it.

Your diamond supports projects that build renewable energy sources and benefit local communities for a brighter, cleaner future.

How it works

Clear Neutral has developed a transparent process that ensures carbon neutrality at every stage in the production of our lab-grown diamonds.

Starting from the procurement of raw materials to the ultimate polishing of your exquisite jewellery piece, every facet of the production is addressed.
Clear Neutral offsets the greenhouse gas emissions involved in producing our diamonds by investing in certified carbon reduction initiatives globally.

Every Clear Neutral lab-grown diamond comes with a certificate that certifies it’s carbon neutral status and the project it has supported.

The Bartlett Master Jewellers & Clear Neutral Difference

Choose a carbon neutral lab-grown diamond engagement ring and become part of an exclusive community with the earth in mind.
Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future in fine jewellery.

Physically & chemically identical

Lab-grown diamonds are created in conditions mimicking those found deep within the Earth.

Ethical & Sustainable

Treasure your love without harming the environment or local communities.

Accessible & Affordable

Enjoy exceptional quality and elegance at a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds.

Carbon Neutral

Support a greener planet by choosing fine jewellery that aligns with your values.

Benefits of Clear Neutral

#1 Ethical Luxury

Enjoy your exquisite and personal diamond jewellery pieces with peace of mind about it's environmental impact.

Benefits of Clear Neutral

#2 Make an Impact

Your power to choose can have a positive effect in making lasting environmental change.

Benefits of Clear Neutral

#3 Create Your Story

The environmental provenance of your diamond is a rich part of the story of your jewellery piece and as a statement of your values.

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Clear Neutral

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