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Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is our preferred partner, when it comes to protecting your precious jewellery anytime, and anywhere. We offer our clientele a specialist insurance policy, which covers any item from our store. From the moment you leave us, you can be sure, you have peace of mind with global insurance protection for damage, theft or less from Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. Once you obtain your instant quote, your jewellery can be fully covered within just 60 seconds!

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  • Up to 150% cover to protect from price increases
  • Return to your preferred jeweller of choice
  • Like for like replacement
  • No Excess
  • Worldwide cover
  • Cover for accidental damage, loss and theft
  • Mysterious Disappearance Coverage
  • Natural Disaster Coverage
  • Theft Coverage
  • Loss Coverage
  • Damage Coverage
  • Dedicated inhouse claims consultant
  • Agreed Value Policy
  • Satisfaction Guarantee