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Our Team

Kim Bartlett

  • Master Jeweller
  • Qualified Diamond Setter
  • Awarded Jewellery Designer
  • Qualified Valuer (JATVC)

Master Jeweller Kim Bartlett has been at the forefront of Australia’s jewellery industry for more than 50 years.

A classically trained designer and manufacturer, Kim has elevated the art form of custom-made jewellery in northern Australia, where thousands of families have time and again enlisted his specialised skills to create or restore their precious items and heirlooms.

While Kim has seen trends come and go throughout his illustrious career, he truly understands the principles of timeless design and, more importantly, the quality that only a hand-crafted item can preserve.

Kim completed his Jewellery apprenticeship with one of Melbourne’s leading Manufacturing Jewellers, Max Hurwitz Pty. Ltd., under the watchful eye of well-respected Italian Master Jeweller Mr Enzo Stella.

Upon finishing his 6 year apprenticeship (which consisted of one year of diamond setting, four years of jewellery manufacturing, and one year of designing) Kim was lured to Townsville by one of the largest and most successful Jewellery stores of that time – Horn & Petersen and Diamond Design. The store engaged him primarily in designing and hand making quality jewellery for their customers.

Not long after arriving the Townsville Bulletin described him as “A young man rapidly making a name for himself as a designer of fine jewellery”. After spending many years with the company, and eventually becoming a partner in the store, Kim decided to branch out and once again offer customers individual high-quality, handmade pieces of jewellery. It was then that he established Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers.

In 2020, with two generations of jewellery making at the helm, and over 75 years combined experience, Kim & Jay continued to grow and build on their family legacy as Bartlett Master Jewellers.

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