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Our Team

Harper Bartlett

  • Apprentice Jeweller

Harper is currently an Apprentice Jeweller obtaining a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture.

Growing up in the workshop, Harper was surrounded by his father’s passion for the trade, witnessing the creativity and timeless craft of jewellery-making, learning new techniques from talented craftspeople, and getting to work with the most precious metals and beautiful gemstones available.

Harper is a creative person who thinks outside of the box and has a great deal of respect for classic designs, often putting a modern twist on the tried and tested style techniques.

Learning from both his father and grandfather, Harper immerses himself whole-heartly into every step of the design process, and is constantly bolstering his repertoire with new, innovative techniques.

Harper enjoys the creative process of engineering a piece, figuring out how to bring out the best in design and functionality.

At the beginning of his career in jewellery manufacturing, with his skills continuing to flourish, Harper is excited to realise his own artistic take on the traditional craft.

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