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Diamond Trade-up Offer

We’re so passionate about our diamonds that we’ll even upgrade them as your love and commitment grows.

Trade-up with Your Lifestyle

Since 1974, Bartlett Master Jewellers has stood behind our policy of assuring your continued satisfaction. In the years to come, we will always be here to stand behind your diamond purchase and our product.

As we go through life, our tastes evolve and likewise we desire new or better diamonds. If you purchased your diamond from Bartlett Master Jewellers we are glad to consider trading it in towards a new one. If you decide at any point after your purchase that you would like to trade it for a bigger, higher grade or just different diamond, we welcome you back to pick out something that better fits your current lifestyle. You can trade-up to a diamond with more size, higher quality, or both. You can even change the shape of your diamond, if you prefer.

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Here's how it works

Bring in any single diamond of more than 0.30ct purchased from Bartlett Master Jewellers and we will credit you with its original purchase price for your trade-up. All we ask is that you also make an equal value contribution of your own.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The item traded, must have a 0.30ct minimum carat weight and must have been purchased from Bartlett Master Jewellers.
  • The diamond must be accompanied by its original grading report, and must be in the original mounting hand-crafted by Bartlett Master Jewellers.
  • The diamond must be in perfect condition and must be approved by our gemmologist for authenticity.
  • The new purchase must be at least 50% greater in dollar value than the piece being traded in.
  • Only one piece of jewellery can be used towards an upgrade at any one time.
  • The full purchase price paid for the original will be deducted from the price of the new piece.
  • Proof of original purchase may also be required.
  • Please contact us for more information.
Contact us for more information

Diamond Trade Up Appointment

Book a discreet one on one appoitment today to discuss your diamond needs.