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Diamonds are available in almost all the colours of a rainbow plus browns, greys and white.

Origin :

Africa, Russia, Australia, and Canada produce the most diamonds.

Birthstone :



10th, 60th, 75th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Diamonds symbolize purity, eternal love, and faith. It is the ultimate birthstone because it has much strength, and it is also the hardest element that can be found in nature. Diamond is made of pure carbon, much like graphite of coal. It is the special way the carbon atoms are arranged that gives life to a diamond.

It is amazing how something of as being black and dark such as coal can turn into a beautiful diamond with the forces of nature. Not only are diamonds beautiful and hard but they possess some physical characteristics that are unique. One of them is the way it can split white light into the colours of the rainbow. This is called dispersion, and it is what gives diamonds the sparkle that we all love.

Diamond is the hardest of all gemstones. They form deep within the earth and reach the surface through violent volcanic eruptions. Some diamonds are more than three billion years old, which is likely the reason that they represent endurance.

The stone is believed to increase happiness and financial prosperity.