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Available in every colour of the rainbow. Most popular colours include green, blue green, red and pink.

Origin :

Brazil and Africa.

Birthstone :



8th Wedding Anniversary Gift

This precious gem is matchless in the world as to the variety of its colour, hue, and tone. The most popular colours are the fine greens, vibrant reds (Rubellite), subtle pinks and rich blues (Indicolite). The beautiful green Chrome Tourmaline from Tanzania has the colour of the finest Emeralds.

Through its diversity of colour, Tourmaline is ascribed as having the best social characteristics. It is purported to mediate valuable friendships, enrich knowledge and intellect, enhance harmony, and generally bring about popularity. According to legend, all colours of tourmaline protect the wearer against dangers and misfortune.

The selection of a quality Tourmaline is based on colour appeal and sparkle.